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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

programming channels

did a fairly unique channel design recently for video on demand television where I combbined off internet original How to content, with off-magazine video sites create 7 different lifestyle vod channels...the internet has changed everyone's thinking, but tv is tv

for now

convergence is finally here

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving season reflections

Sitting down to write but doorbell rang,
so I posted this pic I took on a late fall bike ride.
Content sales--wanted to sell shares in a movie.
Not exactly a sure investment. Of course, lots of bets are changing in advertising and "monetization models"--and if a film is good enough it can easily be sold to multiple channels.

It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the anniversary of both JFK's death and my mothers death--11/23...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

wedding in nyc

yep did it again....mila and I in manhattan...E train to 5 train to Bklyn Bridge to courthouse with witness warren and it happened!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marketing and Video Marketing

Video Marketing and MARKETING

A hot topic, given that You Tube is the number 2 search engine. It's relatively new parent, Google, is numero uno in search. So, as a small or medium size business owner, what kind of video should be on your website? Just a nice overview piece--perfectly suitable for certain businesses; or a series of low cost videos featuring your chef or designer or artist?

And once we've discussed and worked out a video strategy; we'll implement and measure it.

But, it's not just about video. Well it could be but yes it's not all about video. In this confusing media world, there is everything from "ads to apps".

Let's sort through all your marketing options together.

From strategy to implementation.
The 3 to 3 Million Method (tm) John Ovrutsky

Saturday, April 10, 2010

From 3 to 3 Million

The first "From 3 to 3 Million" consumer promotion begins now.
We've gone from 3 TV channels to millions of channels, feeds, etc.
Video is everywhere.
So, how do we make sure our messages get across with millions of bits of information streaming out at us at all times??????

In developing the 3 to 3 Million method; I have tried to develop programs which meet the changing needs of digital video marketers.

You can enroll in and receive a complimentary 45 minute advisory session.
Offer good to anyone who signs up via this blog.


Tiger Woods Returns

The Masters
A venerable sporting event on CBS. Limited commercial time. Azaleas. Usually beautiful weather. Chirping birds. Green jackets. And this year, the return of Tiger Woods after the stint in sex rehab; with considerable stress on all sides, I am sure. He is playing well--within reach of the victory, but he has a long way to go to win. He has, however, proven to be rather unflappable, more understated than before, and seemingly able to deal with the pressure.

Watching while blogging of course.

New York City is beautiful today. A cold breeze swept through and earlier week temperatures of 92 degrees dropped to 42 last night. Spring.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Online Video as Personal Communication

I watched Tiger Woods' "hiatus from rehab" speech online--not on TV. Live. The slightly blurred screen due to video serving issues gave the speech the feeling of one on one communication with me, the viewer, on m macbook. Full screen (15"). There was a kind of intensity that I find lacking in regular tv. Not sure I would have been quite as absorbed had I been watching on any of my 3 non HD sets. The staging; the mother; the simplicity; his statement of Buddhism adherence; the lack of reporters; the stern messages to the press. He is holding on for control. perhaps the world's best, most celebrated and respected athlete. Looks like roger Federer has a chance now. Derek Jeter, too.

But I did find it gripping, Tiger honest and remorseful and repentant...and I could look at my email at the same time. (But I didn't) (Well, maybe not as often in a 15 minute span)....

Try it sometime and let me know--of some live event is happeneing and you

Pix of the day above from LIC to Manhattan. A storm is moving in.